Building & Impacting Communities, Inc. (BIC) like many other organizations in the community, demonstrates care and concern for the community by providing tangible housing solutions and intangible life services.

Our programs provide exposure and access to tools allowing individuals to grow, develop and even overcome adverse circumstances.

Six Types of Empowerment

We successfully implement what we refer to as the six types of empowerment, to work together for good uplifting individuals on several levels, including: Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Financial, Psychological and Emotional levels.

BIC measures success and effectiveness of our structured program models when individuals can secure milestone achievements in quality of life, such as:

  • Greater employability skills for low income individuals and the working poor (those who work daily, at low wage jobs that do not fully support their everyday financial responsibilities)
  • Increased literacy, and ability to apply knowledge
  • Self-reliance through greater financial wellness
  • Resilience and Dignity restoration
  • Positive Health gains that impact physical, emotional and mental health needs, and restoration
  • Youth & Teens Life Skills, Leadership skills & Technology training